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Endura FR 2
Endura Fire Rated
product description

BBA Certified Download BBA Certificate

Endura FR makes a great refurbishment product for a roof that is nearing the end of its life span but hasn’t developed any major faults. This product can be used in both warm and cold roof build-ups and can be guaranteed for up to twenty years as a refurbishment membrane.


  • BBA Accredited
  • Fire Rated to BroofT4
  • 4mm membrane plus mineral
  • Highly puncture resistant and capable of withstanding plant on the roof with the necessary protection
  • Life Expectancy in excess of 30 years

System Endura FR is a membrane made from high quality distilled bitumen, modified with elastomeric polymers which grant an excellent elasticity and workability. This offers a total adhesion to virtually any substrate.

The non-woven polyester with high mechanical performances, gives excellent tensile strength, elongation and great dimensional stability. Its -20˚C cold flexibility is a great characteristic which means that System Endura FR can be used in some of the most extreme and demanding environments.

System Endura FR mineral is ideal for a single or multi layered application. It also has the added advantage of being flexible enough to be applied in the traditional torch-on method or by using hot air and a mechanical fixing.


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