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THX System
System 20 MR
product description

System 20 MR is a refurbishment system designed specifically to go over existing mineral surfaces and to knit into the mineral to achieve excellent adhesion. This product comes with up to a 20 year guarantee.


  • Excellent adhesion to mineral surfaces
  • -20 cold flexibility
  • 5.5kg/m
  • Refurbishment specific product
  • Resistant to light foot traffic and suitable for plant to be placed on the roof.


SYSTEM 20MR is a Mineral Refurbishment membrane; this has been designed using a special formulation based on a modified bitumen compound with differentiated waterproofing masses. The upper face compound is composed of distilled bitumen and elasto-plastomeric polymers, while the lower part compound is composed of distilled bitumen which is modified with special polymers that provide the characteristics of high adhesion to bond to the existing mineral membrane.

A special waterproofing mass has been formulated to bond together the upper and lower compounds. SYSTEM 20MR is reinforced with a non-woven single strand glass fabric composite TEX-V 200, to grant excellent mechanical characteristics and extraordinary dimensional stability.

SYSTEM 20MR is self-protected with mineral slates which reduce the heat absorption and improves the durability of the membrane. The membrane has a 10cm side salvage edge and a 15cm head salvage edge which grants the adhesion between the various sheets.


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