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Roof Restoration
System 20SLF
product description

System 20SLF is a versatile fleece backed system that can be used either as a refurbishment membrane or as part of a built-up system. This is a flame free system that can be mechanically fastened or adhered with welded laps. This system has a 30 year life expectancy and up to a twenty year guarantee.


  • Flame free application
  • Single Layer Membrane
  • 5.9kg/m
  • -25 Cold Flexibility
  • Able to be mechanically fastened or adhered


SYSTEM 20SLF membrane is made of high quality distilled bitumen, modified with Elastomeric polymers that grant an excellent elasticity and workability. This offers a total adhesion to any substrate.

The non-woven polyester with its high mechanical performances gives an excellent tensile strength, elongation and great dimensional stability.Its -25 ̊C cold flexibility is a great feature and means that SYSTEM 20SLF can be used in some of the most extreme and demanding environments.

SYSTEM 20SLF mineral is ideal for a single or multi-layer application. It also has the added of advantage of being flexible enough to be applied in the traditional torch on method, or by using hot air and mechanical fixing system.



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